5 things you are wasting your time on as a new blogger

I hate to break it to you, but as a new blogger you could be doing some things that are wasting your time. Have you ever heard the saying “your success is made in your spare time?” Wasting your time will hinder your success in the blogosphere. Unfortunately, you may not even know that you are wasting your time. More so, you’re probably undertaking activities that you perceive are beneficial to your blog. You can break these habits and gain success as a blogger. Come with me and learn about the 5 things you are wasting your time on as a new blogger.

  • Obsessing over your blog statistics

Picture this scenario. You just uploaded a wonderfully written blog post. Anticipation gnaws at you while impatiently waiting for the views and subsequent likes that will surely come your way. You open your statistics page every single hour. Okay, who am I kidding? You open your statistics page every ten minutes! My dear reader, you are wasting your time. Statistics are a great tool, especially if they will influence changes, but do you know how to interpret your statistics and apply changes that will drive more viewers to your blog? More importantly, blogging success doesn’t come overnight. Obsessing over your statics will not only waste your time as a new blogger, but also leave you discouraged. Bad idea if you have intentions of being great at blogging.                                      

  • Keyword stuffing or nonstrategic optimization

You have been told that SEO is the key to driving traffic to your site. But do you know the basics of SEO? Do you even have any idea about SEO mistakes that can be harmful to your site? As a new blogger, I can safely assume you don’t because I was a new blogger once, also. It is perfectly okay as this catalyzes the need to properly learn about SEO. If you don’t, you start wasting your time by stuffing tons of keywords into your content. This will be quite expensive when Google penalizes you. Alternatively, you can also waste your time as a new blogger by using keywords non-strategically. For example, using keywords only in the body of your content while ignoring strategic places such as the URL, the metadata and the title tags can be more harmful than beneficial. 

  • Cloning other blogs

We all know that blogger that completely amazes us. Their site design is visually appealing and their content always leaves you yearning for more. Maybe this explains why you have made their blog your second home. And while getting cozy on their couch, you’ve learned everything about their writing style. This is just perfect until you clone that blog. This mistake is made by most bloggers based on the assumption that it will make their blog famous. To the contrary, cloning ends up as a time-wasting endeavor. This is because your blog will lose its authenticity and you might as well bid goodbye to the blogosphere.                 

  • Blogger communities

Are you a member of a blogger community? This could be beneficial to a new blogger in the form of a support group. Sometimes you just need to talk to someone who understands your struggles as a blogger. Most of these groups, however, have a follow-to-follow arrangement. This is where time wastage comes in. You spend a large chunk of your time commenting on other blogs and get mediocre response in return. Most of these bloggers won’t even subscribe to your blog. Here are two communities that we run. Just click the graphics to request to join. 

  • Social media

Social media is one of the platforms of promoting your content. As a new blogger, you will more than likely waste time by overstaying your welcome. Your intentions are to make a quick tweet, Facebook post, or Instagram post. Though your intentions are good, you will get sucked into another post or thread and before you know it, you’re watching cat videos on YouTube. Also, you will exhaust social media’s potential for generating new subscribers.

You can still achieve success in the blogosphere. However, you must begin by eliminating the 5 things you are wasting your time on as a new blogger.