Do you ever feel limited by the fact that there are only 24 hours in the day and you have to spend the majority of those hours doing things other than blogging? The truth is, there will always be more things to get done in a day than what we have time for. And while some things can be put off or even neglected altogether, there will inevitably be a point when you’ll start to think seriously about hiring help.

If you aren’t already making the big bucks, it can be difficult to decide to hire someone to help or if you should just continue borrowing what little time you have and do it yourself. While the right decision will vary from person to person and blog to blog, here are a few signs that it may be time to find help.



1. You Can’t Keep Up

Time is unforgiving. No matter how hard you try, you simply can’t keep up with all of the things you have to do to keep your blog up and running. The frustration and despair begins to set in. Then we begin to scale back the workload, simplify our posts, rid ourselves of any distractions and non-essentials and reprioritize our tasks. However, these are easier said than done. Even if you’re able to do any of these suggestions and still are unable to keep up with everything, it may be time to hire help.

2. You Have Tasks You Don’t Know How to Do

While you can learn just about anything you need to know by searching our website, asking in our Facebook group or Googling your question, sometimes it pays not to know. The time spent researching tasks is time you DON’T spend on things that will make you money.


Ask yourself: Is this something I really have to know how to do? How difficult would it be to hire someone else to do it?

For example, when I moved from Blogger to WordPress, I could not figure out how to get WordPress installed. I tried for four days before I finally gave up and hired someone on Fiverr. Two hours and five bucks later, everything was up and ready to go. Best decision I ever made in my young blogging career.

3. You Have Tasks You Aren’t Very Good At

You may not know this, but of the three of us running this site, we are all good at very different things. I guess you could say we compliment each other. When I needed a printable to offer for my subscriber freebie on my main site, AweFilledHomemaker, I didn’t even try to do it myself. It would have taken me FOREVER and, to be quite honest, it would have looked like hot garbage. (seriously)

Instead, I hired Alex to make it for me. She did an AMAZING job and she saved me a ton of time. Plus, because I didn’t have to deal with it myself, my schedule was freed up to attend to more enjoyable (and better paying) tasks.

4. You Need More Time to Focus on Bigger Projects

It should come as no surprise, but not all blogging tasks are created equal. Some tasks are completed so easily that nearly anyone could do them, while others are much more complicated and require your personal touch. By hiring someone to take care of all of the pesky little tasks that need to get accomplished, but don’t really require you to be the one who does them, you will have much more time for the tasks and projects that do require your attention.


5. You are Ready to Invest in Your Blog

The do-it-yourself method is an idea that we all aspire to. We do all the work and we reap all the rewards. Unfortunately, that’s a fairytale especially if you treat your blog like a business rather than a hobby. Eventually, you will arrive at a point in time when you have to start investing in order to grow your brand. When this time comes, hiring help is a great way to invest. Just think of all of the great things you’ll finally be able to do that you were never able to before!



Have you ever hired help for your blog? Do you think you’ll consider it anytime soon?