5 things every stay at home mom must know before launching a blog

Are you a stay at home mom that is thinking about starting a blog? By all means go ahead and start that blog. Blogging has literally caught fire, if the number of blogs on the blogosphere is anything to go by. Why? Blogging is a rewarding experience. It allows you to educate your audience by sharing engaging content. For instance, your blog could share the secret challenges of stay at home moms. Alternatively, you can also entertain your audience through the day-to-day funny occurrences of life as a stay at home mom. Or maybe you have a special skill that you can impart on your readers, such as sewing, cooking, crocheting, etc.

Blogging can be a full-time job depending on how far you want to take it. Blogging can also be a part-time job depending on how serious you are. Blogging can also be something you do on occasion as a way to share your thoughts and feelings or just want a place to vent. Regardless which group you fall into, you can easily fit it into your schedule as a stay at home mom. The options are endless. So, yes by all means start a blog. But, wait. You do want success in your blog, right? I suppose yes. In this case, here are 5 things every stay at home mom must know before launching a blog.

  • Decide on your niche

Why do you want to start a blog? As we saw above, the options could be endless. This, however, doesn’t mean that you have to muddle through. Remember, though, the blogosphere is crowded. Why would readers want to visit a site whose owner doesn’t know its purpose? Discovering your blog’s purpose is a critical first step towards identifying your niche. Did you just gasp? As a stay at home mom you have tons of ideas to write about. However, specialization is one of the keys to successful blogging. Maybe you just gasped because it’s difficult to fathom how you can narrow these ideas into a single niche.

Begin by choosing a niche in which you are passionate about. Yes, profit matters, but do you think you’ll be motivated to write about it when the challenges of being a stay at home mom hit you? Think of something you’ll look forward to write even with a messy house. Where do you get niche ideas? Family, Amazon best sellers, friends and Pinterest categories, among other sources of niche ideas. Ultimately, you should make use of a mind map to help you narrow down on your selection and ensure you haven’t left a possible niche out.


  • Think of the technicalities

Nine times out of 10, I’m that person that cringes whenever technicalities are mentioned. However, when it comes to launching your blog, you must know about these technicalities. They will make your blog as a stay at home mom successful. Still, technicalities? Relax. The following technicalities are easily digestible.

  • Blogging platforms. When you start your blog, you have to start it on a blogging platform. Think of it as a home for your blog. Options include Blogger, Squarespace and my personal favorite – WordPress. Evaluate the merits and demerits of each. Then choose what works for you.
  • Hosting platforms. Did you know that your blogging platform offers you the choice of free hosting versus paid hosting? Take WordPress, for example. This platform offers free or paid hosting. Conduct a cost benefit analysis before you settle on your hosting platform.
  • Domain name. Make it memorable and relevant to the purpose of your blog. It’s your identity as a stay at home mom blog. Make it count!
  • Blog design. Wow! Look at you! The joys of progress. Blogging/hosting platform? Check. Domain name? Check. Blog design? Blog design is something you should know about before you launch your blog. Make it pretty or masculine. Keep it simple, yet appealing. 
  • Learn about SEO. As a stay at home mom, do you have a word that when used your kids automatically respond to your call. Maybe it’s pumpkin or gummy bear. Even Marco Polo. Whatever your keyword is, the outcome is the same, which is a response from your children. Similarly, when launching your blog, you want Google search engines to respond to your call. More importantly, you want your audience to respond. How do you do it? SEO. You should familiarize yourself with key SEO tweaks before launching your blog. These SEO tweaks include strategic use of keywords, use of long-tail keywords, inbound links and optimizing your metadata.
  • Develop promotion strategies. When it comes to blogging, ‘traffic is king’. Great content that is published consistently is amazing. However, do you remember when I mentioned that the blogosphere is crowded? So, how will you drive traffic to your site? Many stay at home moms who are launching a blog make the mistake of assuming that traffic automatically follows great content. Don’t make this mistake, especially if you intend to monetize your blog. Familiarize yourself with various promotion strategies such as social media, guest posting, sponsorships and mailing lists. The latter is one of those things I wish I knew before I launched my blog as a stay at home mom.                                                                                                          
  • Brainstorm on ways of monetizing your blog. Did you know that being a stay home doesn’t have to mean a lack of income? This is where the adage, doing things you love comes into fruition. You, yes you dear reader, can monetize your blog and make an income. I see that piqued your interest. Every stay at home mom must know about blog monetization before launching their blog. Question is, how do you monetize your blog as a stay home mom? There are various options of active and passive monetization of a blog. Oh, did I mention this is one of the ways you’ll be rewarded for choosing a niche for your blog? Your expertise on a niche can be used to sell services such as trainings. I mean, you are an expert in Spanish. You might as well make a buck by offering Spanish lessons. Schedule these lessons to fit into your timetable as a stay at home mom. You can also make money from your blog by selling products, affiliate marketing, Google AdSense and even selling your blog.


Final thoughts

Starting a blog is nothing short of exciting and rewarding. However, it is easy to see the excitement fizzle out and not reap the rewards of your blog. This occurs when you dive in and launch your blog before familiarizing yourself with the 5 things that every stay at home mom must know before blog launch.