How to Launch a blog and be great at it

Did you know that over 70 million people in the world have blogs? This is on WordPress alone which makes about 30% of the internet. These statistics do not take into account other blogging platforms such as Squarespace and Tumblr. The gist of these statistics is that blogs have gained immense popularity. This notwithstanding, a huge number of blogs are unattended after a few weeks or turn out to be unsuccessful. Did I just hear you gasp? Bloggers fail to be successful as they don’t have proper guidance when starting out. You don’t have to be among the unsuccessful statistics. The following is a seven step guide that will not only help you launch your blog, but also be great at it. These steps are in no particular order, but each step is necessary and will help you in your endeavors. 

  • Decide on your blogging platform

Congratulations on making the big decision about launching a blog. This in itself will involve a couple of decisions. The first decision is on your blogging platform. You are not presented with a plethora of platform choices such as WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Squarespace and many others. Each of these platforms have their own merits and demerits. Make a choice that is guided by the purpose of your blog and the resources at your disposal. Personal Note: I personally prefer WordPress. We will discuss more about the why of that later! So subscribe so you do NOT miss a post! 

  • Self-hosted vs. Hosted

After you have chosen your platform, you need to choose whether you will be hosted or you will host yourself. Platforms such as WordPress have both options. If you are serious about long-term success as a blogger, begin by conducting a cost-benefit analysis of hosting. Self-hosting has the advantage of being free – which is great for you as you are just launching your blog. You will, however, have limited control of your blog especially when your audience grows.

  • Choose your domain name

Do you remember what we said about the blogosphere being increasingly popular? This means that there is heightened competition for the audience. As a new blogger you need to stand out among your audience. One of the ways you can do this is by choosing a memorable and relevant domain name. This ensures that when you launch your blog, your audience can easily find you as the name of your blog is easy to remember.

  • Handle the technicalities

This is where the fun stuff begins. Have you ever moved into a new house and started decorating it to fit your personal needs? Similarly, when creating a new blog you need to customize the site. Being authentic is one of the keys to the success of blogging. Aspects such as your theme should be visually appealing. You should also learn about plugins, backup and media devices. You can consider hiring a VA or a WebTech to help with these things, I have both now but they can be costly for a new blogger. 

  • Develop content

How impressive is it that you have launched your blog? There are several blog content creation tips that should guide your writing. These include developing informative content, user friendly, watching out for grammatical mistakes, infusing audio-video into content and making use of SEO. The latter is the key to attracting an audience to your blog. You will retain the audience through consistent writing.

  • Hello promotion

Isn’t great content enough to attract an audience to my blog? Unfortunately, it isn’t. The blogosphere is intensely competitive and you should be a prolific promoter. The content enlightens your audience. The promotion gives your audience a desire to visit your little corner of the interwebs.

  • Take care of your subscribers

Congratulations! You have now attracted your audience! So now you’re done launching a blog, right? Wrong again. Just like businesses take care of their existing customers, you need to take care of your subscribers. Take time to respond to comments and emails. Thank your readers for their suggestions and implement the suggestions that make sense. Graciously receive feedback. Personal Note: I would HIGHLY recommend you take an email course to learn how to grow and nurture your email list. 

Although blogging has become very popular, many new bloggers fail to be successful. This is due to lack of guidance. You are, however, set on the path of success with this 7 step-by-step guide that will help you launch your blog and be great at it!