Is Using Tailwind Right for You?
Let’s be honest with one another…if you do business online, you are aware of Pinterest and its ability to drive massive amounts of traffic to your website, right? It’s a visual search engine and an amazing one at that. And more than likely, if you know about, and use Pinterest, then you also are quite familiar with Tailwind as well and how, if used properly, it can work interactively hand-in-hand with Pinterest.
There are a lot of different ways that businesses use Pinterest successfully to drive traffic to their blog or web pages. The interesting aspect of Pinterest? Each user can find success using their own proven methods.
Some Pinterest users may choose to use Pinterest alone, while others may choose to pair Pinterest up with Tailwind for maximum potential. Is using Tailwind right for you? While it may be a personal choice, here are some of the benefits to consider when trying to decide if using Tailwind is the choice for you or not.

Benefits of Using Tailwind with Pinterest


Tailwind allows you to schedule your pins in advance. Think about your day and everything that goes on. Do you have the time throughout your day to pin at your highest traffic points throughout the day? If that answer is no, then Tailwind may be a great addition for you.

Not only can you schedule pins in advance, but once you link up your Pinterest account with your Tailwind account, Tailwind will then actually tell you the best traffic times of the day for you based on your user’s pinning preference for your pins. Who knew that 2:52 PM was the time of the day that you have the most saves of your pins? Tailwind knows, that’s who!

And if you want to also add in some other time’s throughout the day to have Tailwind pin for you, you can choose those slots as well. Tailwind is super user-friendly and completely customizable.


Tailwind shows you your analytics and really breaks it down for you. If you are a results-driven visual-type learner, then using Tailwind may be exactly what you need. Ever wonder how many times the pin that you spent hours on creating just that perfect image got repinned? Tailwind will show you those numbers.

What about all those group boards that you are in? You can find out info on how well your pins actually do on those group boards. With Tailwind, long gone are the hours spent trying to manually track how well your pins are doing on those boards.

Tailwind takes over that job responsibility as well and shows you what group boards your pins do well in, and those boards that don’t have a high re-pin rate for you as well.

Tailwind Tribes

Two Words – Tailwind Tribes. Tailwind Tribes are a great way to be a part of a “group” that has similar content to yours. It’s super easy to find content that fits your target audience, while also being able to post your own pins to get in front of other people who are looking to pin content like yours to share with all their readers.


Think of it as a way to use Pinterest on a much smaller scare where your pin is in front of people who are actually wanting to see that pin where it then stands the chance of being shared more causing a ton more of exposure potential.


Tailwind saves you time! In your current manually pinning method, you have to pin to each board one at a time, right? Right. We’ve all been there, and many of us still work our Pinterest account just like that.

And while that may be okay, it can become quite tedious. With Tailwind, you can choose the pin that you want to pin, and schedule it at once for MULTIPLE boards. Yep, you read that right! Tailwind takes one pin but disperses it to multiple boards.

And, you can schedule them out in advance as well. Talk about a time saver, right? Think how much more free time you would have during your day if you could schedule your content out in advance to multiple different boards.

Is Tailwind Right for You?

Making the decision to use Tailwind is up to each individual person. Tailwind is a great resource for those who want to learn how to use it properly for them and their blog or business and it offers great advantages as well.

While Tailwind does offer a free trial to test it out, to be able to continue using Tailwind there is a fee associated with it. Why not give the free trial a test and see if it works well for you? You will either love it, or not and can decide how to proceed once the free trial is done.

Regardless of deciding to use Tailwind full-time or not, it will help you to dissect and understand your analytics more than you ever truly thought possible. That in itself is worth giving a try!