Finding a mentor for you and your business is an important aspect to help grow and develop success.  Think of how you want your business to grow now and in the future. It can be hard at times to understand that growth and how to make it work for you. With the help of a mentor, you have someone who guides you and helps you in everything that you do and every choice that you make. While you still have control of your business and the ultimate outcomes, a mentor is there with you along the way to be more of your sounding board in times of questions. Many may wonder what the purpose is of having a mentor for your business and if they wonder, it just means that they don’t understand. Have a mentor can alter the entire path of your business, in a positive way. If you are thinking you need a mentor, there are definitely some positives to consider when making that choice.


The Importance of a Strong Mentor for your Business

Mentors have lived in the real world. They know the ups and downs, the peaks and valleys, and the good, the bad, and the ugly of all things business. Not only have they been through it, they may have a few tips and tricks that keep you from having to go through the same thing that they did. If you can find a mentor who can walk the walk and not just talk the talk, then you’ve got a valuable asset for your business.

They will hold you accountable. Let’s be real. The truth is that when we are working alone, we tend to let ourselves slack a bit. When you have a mentor? That’s not an option. Mentors want to be mentors to help others succeed. There won’t be any slacking off going on, as they are taking the time out of their day to try to help you become a success.

A mentor will be your biggest cheerleader and fan.  Having a rough day? Give your mentor a call on the phone to talk to them about the ups and downs of the day and get their thoughts and opinions. Your mentor should be there to help you and inspire you, not find ways to bring you down. While you aren’t looking for anyone to coddle you, you are looking for a mentor that can provide you with support and patience.

Having a mentor that you find that is trustworthy is almost as good as striking gold. Seriously, mentors can be that awesome. You are not only telling someone your thoughts and goals about the future success of your business, you are also trusting them with information that you haven’t told other people. It isn’t always easy to open up to others, so if you find someone who you can trust and do that with, don’t let it pass you by.

Mentors see the big picture. When you talk about your short and long-term goals, they understand exactly what you mean. Why? Because they’ve lived that life. And truth be told? They may still actually be living that life. Most mentors are actually still business professionals as well, and they are just donating their time to try to help others out any way they can. That’s one thing that makes having a mentor so awesome and important…they want to share their success with someone else and help guide them through the process along the way.

Having a mentor who is an “outsider” of your business looking in, is a great way to get another perspective on what is going on. They aren’t invested in your business like you are, so trusting them and their judgment can actually be quite helpful. The advice they give you is pure and true since they know what it takes to either make it or not on the business.

When looking for a mentor, find someone who you know has found great success and that you can trust. You also need to find a mentor that matches you and your personality. The better that you can get along regarding life and all situations, the more that will help during your mentorship relationship as well. Once you find the best mentor for you, be prepared to have support that you never knew possible!