If you have been keeping up with Pinterest news lately, you will have heard that there is a new, not-so-great unveiling that happened recently. But, never fear, here’s how you can make things a bit better and relieve some stress!

The new information that came out in the last few weeks goes directly to anyone that uses BoardBooster. Unfortunately, they do not (and haven’t ever) had the Pinterest API, which means they were not an approved app by Pinterest. Because of that, anyone that uses or has used BoardBooster has been at risk of their account being flagged because of the methods BoardBooster uses when posting to your account. As such, Pinterest has started flagging and even shutting down some accounts that use BoardBooster. They sent an email to probably thousands of accounts explaining just that – that if you had been using BoardBooster, you should stop immediately.

As a result, BoardBooster has since closed down and is no longer an option for anyone wanting to use it as a tool to post to their Pinterest account. A huge benefit of BoardBooster was that you could do a set-and-forget approach and basically put all of your pins/posts into a sort of looping, where you never had to think about it again.

While I don’t really agree that this is how you should handle your Pinterest account (there should be firm consistency and a great strategy behind how you manage your account to ensure optimum success), I also understand that some people don’t have the time and/or can’t pay a Pinterest Manager to help them manage their day to day business on the platform.

Thankfully, Tailwind has a brand new tool that is built to help you get back to a sort of set-and-forget routine – which will allow a lot of you to replace BoardBooster pretty seamlessly.

What is it?

It’s called “Smart Loop” by Tailwind. This new option allows you to place your posts into a looping schedule just once, and then you never have to think about them again. You just have to add your new pins/posts as they come out.

What are the benefits of using this new tool?

If you are familiar with BoardBooster, where you set your posts up to loop and then you never touch it again, this is a great replacement. A lot of people are scared/upset/nervous/stressed because of these new revelations with BoardBooster, but this is a great way to replace it and relieve some of that stress.

How do I use it?

You can access Smart Loop in Tailwind, under the “publisher” tools here:

Once you get there, you’ll see the platform is still in “Beta”. You’ll need to reserve your spot here:

Once in, you’re going to click “new loop” and this window will pop up. I love this because you can choose seasonal or evergreen – which is amazing in itself!

Once there, you get to start your new loop! Tailwind gives you awesome suggestions on what to loop and where (to the right) and it’s pretty straightforward.

Go ahead and name your loop and pick your boards. Then, hit schedule and you’ll see this:

This is totally up to you, but I like to start a new schedule.

Now you can set all your preferences for this schedule and CREATE YOUR LOOP!

Your last step is really what sets Tailwind Smart Loop apart in my opinion— you can set up GROUP BOARD RULES!!! I mean, that is AWESOME! After you do that, you can add your pins and you are set!

To add pins to your loop (now that it’s set up), it’s really easy. If you use your analytics, you can add it to your loop here, under “Action”:

And, when adding from an individual pin, you do that here:


And that is it! You don’t need to go back and check because you just set it and forget. You can’t go wrong!