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How to Become an Amazon Affiliate

You may have heard how you can make some good money on the side as an Amazon Affiliate. People build their entire blogs and websites based on the Amazon affiliate program. But how do they do it? It’s not as difficult as it might seem. Learn how to become an Amazon affiliate.

Build up a Blog or Website

Before you consider applying to become an Amazon Affiliate, you need to build up a website or blog. This can be a niche site focusing on a very specific category of products. It can also be a more general blog that can easily feature top-selling or up and coming products. You want to build something that Amazon can see sending traffic to their products consistently. It needs to be at least somewhat established to the point that Amazon can expect a fair number of clicks to them on a regular basis.

Sites that have a low amount of traffic are not likely to get approved. However, if you do have a low amount of traffic and slip through the cracks by getting approved, unfortunately you won’t make much money. In other words, don’t apply to the affiliate program prematurely. Do your homework and build it up well to be certain there shouldn’t be a reason for rejection. Obviously, this is beneficial for you as well because you will earn the most when you have a quality site that people are actually looking at and trusting. Be an authority in your topic so that Amazon knows they can trust you to send quality referrals. More relevant clicks and sales means more money in their pocket – and yours!

Build up Twitter and Other Social Media Accounts

Building up your social media presence, especially on Facebook and Twitter, is important for two main reasons in applying to be an Amazon Affiliate. Firstly, having a strong social media networks allows you to drive more traffic to your site or blog. To do this, engage with the kind of people you’d like following you. Follow them, retweet their info, like their posts, and respond to any questions they may ask you. You should also be sharing relevant information on a regular basis. This may include your blog posts, re-shares from other places, and even statuses you write about your niche topic.

Secondly, you can include your Facebook and Twitter profiles in your application to become an Amazon Affiliate. This is because Amazon welcomes the sharing of their products using affiliate links on social media. This is important because this means you can get clicks directly from social media in addition to whatever blogs and sites you’ve built. However, remember to follow all of the guidelines for proper disclosure.

When you build a trusted audience on social media sites, they will look to you for advice and guidance on your expert topic. This may include product recommendations. Because most people trust Amazon as a source to find quality products on the web, if you build up a good following that engages with you, you should have no trouble applying to become an Amazon Affiliate and getting approved.

Applying to be an Amazon Affiliate

The application to be an Amazon Affiliate is not as daunting as other affiliate programs. While Amazon clearly wants to see some social media presence and decent looking websites with a fair amount of content, they aren’t as picky with numbers. If your sites look good and you have some social media followers, it’s likely you will be accepted. This isn’t to say that you should be careless and expect to be approved no matter what, as not everyone gets in either. If you build a good following and your content is decent and relevant, you should have no problem getting in. The good news if you don’t, you can contact them and re-apply at a later date when you have worked on your online presence some more.

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