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Laura Prater

I am a passionate Homemaker, Homeschool mom, recipe creator and veterans wife. I use these passions to help others through her writing on several websites: Awe Filled Homemaker, Awe Filled Veterans Wife and Cooking Whiz Cafe. Not only that, I am determined to help other bloggers and website owners with their own ventures right here through Christian Bloggers Network.

Alexandrea Harrelson

The majority of my work consists of website and graphic design, as well as Social Media Strategy. The internet has grown to be a powerful business tool in recent decades, and successful companies know this, and want to capitalize upon it. That’s where I come in, with website and marketing techniques. I work diligently to make sure clients maintain and grow a capable internet presence. I help them do that by sharing product information through social media venues, targeted ads, professional magazine articles, and other printed marketing materials that help clients advertise, sell, and build profits.

Doug Triplett

Tech Support

Clay Prater

I was a Soldier in the US Army by profession for over 20 years.  Retirement from the Army was just this last year and I am  still filled with emotions.  Being a Soldier was the only life I have ever known in adulthood until recently.  It is a blessing though to be home and not deploy or leave constantly.

I am currently attending Baptist Theological Seminary.  My course of study is a Master of Arts in Christian Ministries – Pastoral Services.  My next stop on the educational route is a Master of Divinity in Christian Ministries and Pastoral Services.  The PhD is years down the road, but still an option. I am also employed by GM.

Clay is also the author of the blog, Hooah Devotionals

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