7 Ways to Monetize Your Blog that You Are Overlooking

7 Ways to Monetize Your Blog that You Are Overlooking

Since its inception in the nineties, blogging has literally caught fire. This is probably due to the ability to monetize blogs. Oh, this is not meager hyperbole.

Did you know that WordPress has more blog sites than the United Kingdom’s population? The United Kingdom’s population is projected to reach 74 million by 2039. Four years ago, the number of blog sites depending on WordPress was estimated to be 74.6 million. These statistics don’t take into account other CMS systems like Tumblr, Squarespace and Blogger.

Does that analogy bring into perspective the immense popularity of the blogosphere? I bet it does. Clearly, people love blogs. This begs the question, why are blogs so popular? This question is best answered by the quote ‘money makes the world go round’.

One of the reasons that has spurred the growth of the blogosphere is the ability to monetize blogs. Unfortunately, you might be overlooking some of the strategies of monetizing your blog.

I see I aroused your curiosity. How about we satisfy your curiosity by exploring 7 ways to monetize your blog that you are overlooking?

Affiliate Marketing

Would you like to earn a passive income from your blog? Affiliate marketing is a subtle blog monetization strategy that has the potential of generating income for a long time. So, how do you do it?

In simple terms, affiliate marketing involves promoting products on your blog site. You will begin by linking by with an ecommerce platform, such as Amazon, which gives you links. All you have to do is infuse these links into your blog. Whenever your audience buys products by clicking on your links you get a commission. Easy, right?

Offer premium products to your readers

The importance of niching cannot be downplayed as a success factor in the blogosphere. It not only ensures that you get the right audience, but it also gives you a gateway for monetizing your blog.

How? By selling premium products to your readers.

Have you ever been to a fitness blog that is selling products such as weights and supplements? The blog is making money from these products. Your audience is already enjoying and benefitting from your free content. You can capitalize on their interest by selling premium products.

Google AdSense

Pay per click – PPC – is probably a term that you have heard about but duly overlooked. I see you are nodding in agreement. Well, today marks the end of overlooking PPC as it is one of the most profitable ways of monetizing a blog.

It’s also simple. You will get paid if people click on an advertisement. If you don’t qualify for an application on Google AdSense, you can opt for other options such as Amazon or Chitika.


Advertisements are one of the most common methods of making money on your blog. You may know all about advertisements. Maybe you have even made a profit from selling ad space on your blog.

However, do you know you know that you can make money on your blog through sponsorships? Although it is difficult to get a corporate sponsor, it is a lucrative blog monetizing option. You can get a sponsor for your entire blog site or just for one post. This is where keywords come into play.

In your sponsored blog post, you can feature a company through the use of keywords. Speak of double benefits! You not only optimize your website but also get paid for your content.


Is your blog focused on a particular niche that showcases your expertise? You may be an expert in various subjects such as grant writing, social media marketing, pottery or counseling. This list is endless. Go on and add your expertise to the list.

Using your blog you have been able to educate your audience in the subject of your expertise. Focusing on your niche is one of the reasons you have been successful in building an audience in your blog.

It is also an opportunity of monetizing your blog by offering services such as training or consulting. Think of personal pottery classes or consultations on grant writing. Whatever services you offer, you can make money on your blog.


The beauty about the blogosphere is it gives space for variety. Your purpose of starting a blog may not have been monetization. Maybe you just wanted a home for your creative ideas or to contribute to a worthy cause.

Despite your reasons for not monetizing your blog, running a blog still needs money for example to pay for your domain name. So, do you have a non-profit blog that aims to create positive change through content? You can pay for the blog’s expenses by asking your audience for donations.

In so doing, you monetize your blog without negating your blog’s purpose. This income stream is however unreliable and could negatively affect your reputation.

Flip your blog

Did you know that you can monetize your blog by selling it? People do that? Yes, they do. Your blog is an asset and there are people that buy blogs to benefit from its long-term appreciation.

This option works for bloggers that are no longer interested in their sites. Your blog may have grown to a point where you are stressed by its management. Or perhaps you just want to take a different path.

If this is your case, there is no need to close your blog. How about monetizing your blog through an instant sale? The advantage is that you get instant money and are also released from your blog’s obligations. Arguably, this is a tough decision more so if your blog was your ‘baby’. But what better way to reward yourself in building a buy-worthy blog than instant monetization?


The blogosphere’s popularity is legendary. One of the causes of its increasing popularity is the ability to monetize a blog. It is common knowledge that you can make money from your blog through advertisements. Other monetization strategies are often overlooked. Enlarge your monetization horizons by exploring these 7 ways that you can use to monetize your blog.