6 Tips to Skyrocket Your Blog Product Sales


This is the year that I will successfully monetize my blog! Sounds familiar? This is a goal that many bloggers held with conviction at the beginning of the year. However, this goal is gathering dust just like many of the goals we make in the moment. Sigh.

Well, some of us. Not you. You are the exception to this rule. You have made the first step of monetizing your blog by settling on blog product sales. Impressive! Well done.

Your impressive progress is probably because you don’t settle. This explains why your next goalpost is to have record sales. As a result, you have done quite some research to find out surefire ways of blowing up your product sales.

The good news is, your search has come to an end. Your dream will become a reality with these 6 tips to skyrocket your blog product sales.


Customer loyalty program

In the contemporary world characterized by intensive competition, you had better believe that the ‘customer is the king’. Do you know that one of the most expensive costs you can incur is attracting new customers?

To make it worse, as bloggers we are all targeting the same customer base as potential buyers of our products. This means that retention of customers should be your key concern. Why? Loyal customers will not only continuously buy your blog products but also share their positive feedback with their friends.  

What a brilliant way to get new and repeat blog product sales! Customer loyalty is thus critical to securing record product sales products in your blog. You can create a customer loyalty program that makes your customers feel appreciated. These includes discounts, coupons or free products.

Make use of influencer marketing

In addition to running your blog, selling products on your site is tantamount to running an online store. So, what will make your online store stand out? What will make customers opt for your store as opposed to brick and mortar stores?

More importantly, how will your target market know that your products exist in the crowded blogosphere? The answer to these questions is a simple two-word: influencer marketing.

This tip is particularly important if you don’t have a big audience yet want to skyrocket your blog product sales. Although influencers cost money, their advantage is that they often have a huge followership, especially on social media. This gives you a direct link to potential customers that will boost your blog’s sales.

Sales promotion

Have you ever heard of the acronym BOGO? This is a marketing acronym that has caught fire which means buy one get one free. The popularity of this acronym shows that sales promotion plays an integral role in boosting sales even in the blogosphere.

Have you ever bought something on impulse simply because it was on offer? I have on a few occasions. (Okay, many occasions.) Special offers are enticing and they should entice buyers to your blog products. In so doing you will be increasing your blog products sales revenue.

Wait, what’s better than a special offer? A freebie. Maximize on this by holding a contest. You will not only be engaging your audience but also increasing your sales. Easy tip, right?

Appeal to emotions

This tip is arguably the holy grail of bloggers that skyrocket their blog product sales. It is also the mantra of both online and offline stores.

Consumer behavior is influenced by factors such as motivations and attitudes. Find out why consumers want to buy your blog products and appeal to this need. Have product descriptions that not only appeal to the rational but also have an emotional appeal.

Start by knowing the target market for your blog’s products. Understand your target market and ultimately build an emotional connection. Try it today and see how your blog products sales will skyrocket.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a double-edged sword. It is one of the strategies of monetizing your blog and it is also a tip that can be used to elevate product sales on your blog.

The former involves the use of ecommerce platforms such as Amazon and getting commissions out of converted sales. The latter is aimed at boosting your blog products sales by forming a network of sellers. You will thus reward affiliates for bringing in new customers.

This strategy enhances customer loyalty as current customers are rewarded for their word-of-mouth advertising. An affiliate marketing program will not only help boost your blog’s traffic but will also see to it that your dream of skyrocket sales comes to reality.

Prolific promotion  

One of my favorite quotes is, ‘success comes from being a doer not a dreamer’. Goals such as increased sales are great. However, if you don’t work on your goal, skyrocket blog product sales will remain to be just a dream.

So, what do you do? Promote and when you are tired promote some more. By now you know that one of the keys to getting blog traffic is by promoting your blog site. Similarly, generating sales for your blog’s products calls for prolific promotion. Make use of your blog to advertise your products.

Don’t stop there. Use multiple social media platforms. Have you ever heard of the mantra, ‘tell a friend to tell a friend’? Adopt that mantra too and ensure that your products are well known in and out of the blogosphere.

Personalize your promotion. Come on, wouldn’t you like to be told of your personal connection to a blog product? Say yes, to promoting your blog products everywhere! Say yes to record product sales. For with these tips, this is your year of skyrocket blog product sales!